Frequently Asked Questions 

This is my first time attending SOAR. Who typically attends this retreat? 

Welcome to your first time at SOAR! The attendee demographic that typically attends the summer retreat is a balanced mixture of ministers, practitioners, and lay members from all around the globe - many of whom are members of a Centers for Spiritual Living community and/or a subscriber to the Science of Mind Magazine. 

What is the cost of the retreat per person?

Early bird registration per person is $495 USD. This pricing is valid until June 16, 2023. After this date, the registration pricing is $595 USD.

Are meals included in the retreat registration?

No. Meals are included in the accommodations at the Asilomar Conference Center and provided daily beginning with dinner on Tuesday, August 8 and ending with lunch on Friday, August 11. On Tuesday, August 8 and Wednesday, August 9, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided with your accommodations. The Asilomar Conference Center will take your dietary requests and restrictions upon booking your lodging and will provide options appropriate for you. 

Is group pricing being offered for retreat registration?

No group retreat registration is being offered for SOAR 2023. We encourage you to register soon at the early bird registration pricing. 

Will the retreat have virtual passes available? 

To honor the sacredness of the retreat atmosphere, and to purposefully allow attendees to disconnect and immerse themselves into the retreat experience, SOAR 2023 will not have any virtual pass options.

Do I have to stay at the Asilomar Conference Center?

As a retreat attendee, you are not required to stay at Asilomar. However, there is a $60 / person fee added to your registration for those opting to not stay on-grounds. This fee is collected by the State of California for the park and cannot be waived. If you are staying on grounds, you do not have to pay this fee. It is included in your lodging pricing. 

Do I have to sign-up for workshops in advance? 

You do not need to sign-up for workshops in advance. You are free to select the workshop that is calling to you that day.  

How do I get to Asilomar? 

The Asilomar Conference Center is located in Pacific Grove, CA. It can be accessed via car or by air. You can fly into the Monterey Regional Airport which serves some major cities. An alternative is to fly into the San Jose International Airport located by 90 minutes from the grounds. If flying into San Jose, we recommend you rent a car or book a seat on the Monterey Air Bus

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