SOAR 2023 Workshops

Wednesday, August 9

Session I:

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Experiencing the Healing Power of Nature’s Love with Rev. Michael Gerdes

This workshop was inspired by the work of Dr. Michael Cohen, a leader in the development of Ecopsychology. While strolling the grounds of Asilomar, we will experience being fully present with Nature and find It as an oracle of Spirit.

Spirit Dance and the Four Elements / Earth * Air * Fire * Water with Rev. Suzanne Grace Rolle

A movement workshop that invites you to discover and embody the inspiration of nature; through the elements of earth, air, fire and water - and the dance of your being. We begin in sacred circle with meditation, conscious intention & a brief sharing of the elements and our relation to them. Then through guided breath work, organic movement & spontaneous creativity - we joyously move & nourish our inner spirit, like a moving meditation with rhythmic world music as our engine.
Feel the flow ~ feel alive, awake & aware in Spirit!

The Art of Soulful Living: Insights and Inspiration for Staying Grounded and Peaceful in Times of Change and Uncertainty with Linda Watson, RScP

Humanity is undergoing profound shifts, and many are feeling the call to embrace a more soulful way of living. In these times of complexity, change and transition, there can be a sense of uncertainty and a feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of life; our soul can become weary and discouraged, yearning for nurturing and renewal.

Perhaps your soul is longing to live from a place of joy, reverence and wholeness: this can be your experience when you engage in the art of 'soul-tending'.

As we embark upon this journey of 'soul-tending', we shall explore spiritual practices, poetic inspiration, restorative rituals and resonant resources to weave and integrate into your daily life: essentially, creating a sanctuary for your soul!

You’re invited to join Linda for an engaging exploration and an interactive, soulful experience, as she shares her treasure chest of inspiration, practices and resources to assist you on your sacred journey to living a soulful life!

Revitalizing Your Relationship Consciously with Dr. Walter Drew and Barbara Drew

Get out your broom, mop, and Windex—it’s time for some relationship housecleaning! Time to bring back sparkle, creativity, and deep connection to your beloved partnership. Using tools and spiritual practices based on their 34-year marriage, which has weathered many phases and life stages, Dr. Walter Drew and Barbara Doern Drew will guide you through an interactive, heartful experience that will help put a renewed, lustrous patina on your partnership. For anyone desiring to enhance their relationship skills.

Embracing Your Spiritual Gifts – Affirmative Prayer in Paint with Constance Chapman

We explore, articulate and claim our spiritual gifts using meditation, journaling, paper, and paint. This workshop is for anyone who wants a deeper dive into how the qualities of God show up as them. No painting or artistic experience is required! You'll leave the workshop with a painting that will keep informing you about your Self.

Session II:

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Ernest Holmes at Asilomar with Rev. Mark Gilbert

The Science of Mind Archives in partnership with Science of Mind Publishing is bringing to the world a book about Ernest Holmes at Asilomar. This workshop session will highlight how the book came about and detail the findings of research about Dr. Holmes at Asilomar. Included will be historical period photos, excerpts from previously unpublished talks given by Holmes as well as an opportunity to hear a portion of a rare recording from Holmes at Asilomar. Attendees will also learn about the unique materials available to them through the archives and how to access them.

The Power of Music to Heal and Transform with Dr. Karen Drucker & Gary Lynn Floyd

"Music is the language of the Spirit." Kahlil Gibran

Music has the ability to bypass the brain and go straight to the heart. Using music as a daily spiritual practice can transform your world in so many ways. It’s something you can practice and do in a way that is fun, creative, inspiring, and brings you back to your center.

In this play shop with Karen Drucker and Gary Lynn Floyd, we will explore fun, musical, soulful ways to create your own daily practice of love, gratitude and present moment awareness.  Tapping into the spiritual practices of stillness, creativity, and self-care, you can transcend any of life's challenges and cultivate a life of joy, mindfulness, and creative evolution.

Come play with us!

Boundary Breakthrough: A Workshop of Self-Love, Truth Telling and Healthier Relationships with Rev. Savanna Noelle

Self-care is primary to a healthy, joyous life.  

One of the biggest reasons we have breakdowns in partnerships, families, and friendships is the lack of boundaries. This is seen in ministry, leadership, communities, work places, relationships, and our families of origin.

When our nervous systems are dis-regulated and we are overthinking, over functioning, and people pleasing, we show up to our relationships feeling exhausted, depleted, and needs unmet.

Boundaries are the foundation of any healthy relationship or dynamic. They help keep us safe in our relationships with others and teach people what is okay and what is not okay. 

Learning this skill takes practice, discernment, and a huge amount of self-worth and compassion towards ourselves. But we reclaim ourselves and our value when we learn to communicate what we need from others.

This workshop focuses primarily on boundary basics so that you can experience a breakthrough in your relationships.

What are they? What type of boundaries do you have? How do you communicate your needs and desires effectively so that you can feel a sense of peace, calm, and clarity in your relationships? 

This workshop might be for you if:

  •  You say yes when you mean no.
  • You struggle to communicate your needs to others.
  • You tiptoe around your family, community, friends, and partner.
  • You have a paralyzing fear of being rejected or abandoned.
  • You over function, control and manipulate to get needs met.
  • You accept bad behavior from others.
  • You have trouble asking for help.
  • You struggle with intimacy and vulnerability.
  • You have a huge need to please others at the expense of yourself.
  • You give more than you get back in relationships.

In this workshop we will learn what type of boundaries you have, ditch the people-pleasing and putting yourself last, learn to set boundaries with ease, and how to communicate your needs and desires effectively.
Take your power back and bring a bit more peace into your life! 

Acting Up with Missy Christensen, RScP

"All the world's a stage"... are you the hero in your own story, or a bit player? Time to step into the spotlight and shine!

While in theatre school, Missy first learned the adage, "your life problems are your acting problems", and it turns out, it's true. Because "acting is real life in imaginary circumstances"... and, as we know as metaphysicians... It's ALL imaginary circumstances!

As Dr. Joe Dispenza recently wrote: "There are many ways we can apply the skills actors use to create and inhabit a new character to our benefit in this work. We also can learn to become more aware of ways we’re overly identified with a character that no longer serves us … so we can free ourselves from habitual ways of being".

So, let's get into act-ion, and see what it brings up for us!

Missy is a Practitioner, theatre professional, and embodiment life coach. In this workshop Missy will take participants through a joyful, energetic journey of embodied exploration and theatrical improvisation. Participants will have an opportunity to shake off the bonds of who they may think they are 'expected to be', in order to arrive at fresh perspectives.

This workshop is guided play with a purpose... Bringing our bodies and minds into alignment, we will release stuck-ness, remind ourselves of the transformative magic of living from "YES... AND", and reawaken the power of our imaginations to shift our energy and expand our sense of possibility! (And we'll also probably laugh... a whole lot). "The play's the thing!"

T’ai Chi: A Moving Mindfulness Meditation with Rev. Dr. Christina TIllotson

Renew and reconnect with your body, mind and spirit in each sacred moment of now. Spread that universal Chi energy of love out into the world with T'ai Chi Chih, joy through movement. T'ai Chi Chih is not a martial art, but a sacred, easy to learn moving mindfulness meditation that fosters health, serenity, and longevity. Tai Chi Chih means "Supreme Ultimate Knowledge." This practice reveals the universal energy the Chinese call Chi, in India they call it Prana, in Star Wars they call it The Force, and we call it Spirit or God.

Thursday, August 10

Session III:

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Painting with the Divine – Art as Spiritual Practice with Rev. Linda Jackson

Let Spirit move you! Enjoy a guided meditation to reveal healing symbols and colors. Painting instruction will be offered and you will take away a mini canvas to remind, reinforce, and serve as a resource for your healing journey. Join this session to reinforce the connection between your inner mind and your body as you experience Spirit expressing through you as creative expression.

Community Building Session with Rev. Sunshine Daye

Using a restorative circle this session is limited to and for 20 people who desire an opportunity to simply be in community and discover the richness of being with other spiritual people. The circle is facilitated and guided.

Soul Reflection Journaling with Rev. Christine Green

In our fast-paced world, sometimes it is important to stop and ponder the situations and experiences life presents to us. There is often valuable revelation just waiting to be discovered. Soul Reflection Journaling provides participants with an opportunity to tap into inner wisdom and creative potential through guided journaling exercises. Attendees will learn techniques to explore their deepest desires, fears, and aspirations without judgment, allowing the freedom of authentic self-expression. Join us and explore journaling techniques to access inner wisdom, unearth buried dreams and inspire creative juices. Please bring your own journal.

Sacred Imperfection: Fall in Love With Your Whole Life with Rev. Bonnie Hess Rose

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

The Science of Mind teaching tells us we are “whole, perfect, and complete.” We are. But often, the beloved ego grabs these words and imposes worldly definitions upon them. When we inevitably fall short of these ego-bound definitions, we may feel inadequate. Then we limit the fullness of love’s expression through us and for us.

What if your alleged imperfections are actually perfect? What if you could learn to love yourself no matter what?

A mystical view of “imperfection”—that is “sacred imperfection" -- can help. In this workshop, we’ll explore mystical definitions of “whole, perfect, and complete.” We will learn to embrace our “imperfections” as perfect teachers. We’ll apply non-dual awareness to celebrate both our humanity and our divinity.

In addition we will:

  • Examine alleged imperfections with compassionate curiosity.
  • Explore mystical non-duality as a form of deep healing.
  • See how the ego is an essential aspect of Divine Love.
  • Discover how self-compassion blesses the cosmos.
  • Plan actions steps to help us live like the Truth of Divine Perfection is true.

Come, join us--and fall in love with your Whole Life.

More Energy and Less Stress with T’ai Chi with Cynthia Chang, RScP

Tai Chi Chuan for health and well being, flexibility and ease of movement. Develop balance and remove blockages to open the flow of Chi with in your body. Strengthen and balance the internal organs, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Reduce stress and anxiety